Solar for Electrical connections

Connecting a Single Phase Solar Inverter to a Three Phase Connection

We frequently get asked, “What happens if you connect a single phase solar inverter with a three phase net metered grid connection?”. So we at Sunkalp Energy, feel it’s important to break it down.

Technical Impact of connecting single phase inverter to a three phase connection

Connecting a three phase inverter with a three phase grid connection is always the first choice because a three phase inverter will push the same uniform amount of power down each of the phases and there is no risk of introducing any imbalance. This is almost always the preferred choice in large or industrial connections where the consumer is charged for kVA consumption and balancing each of the phases is important. (more…)

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BIS Implementation on Solar Postponed till 1st Jan 2019

Last week Sunkalp Energy had reported how some of the largest solar product manufactures were struggling with BIS implementation due to un-preparedness of the labs approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards to certify solar inverters and modules. As short term relief measure the, government released a notification on Saturday, extending the date for implementation of BIS standards until 1st Jan 2019. (more…)

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Labs unprepared for BIS Implementation, Solar Industry in Limbo

In September 2017, MNRE had notified that three components used in solar plants were to be covered under BIS guidelines. The products to be covered under BIS are crystalline PV modules, thin film PV modules, power inverters and storage batteries. MNRE had given the industry and labs one year to prepare and be certified with time interim until April 2018 for self certification by manufacturers. Seeing that the government approved labs were not yet fit to certify solar there were repeated extensions and finally in a notification dated 12th September 2018, a final deadline for enforcement of BIS guidelines was announced at 20th September 2018.

This means that any solar panel, solar inverter or battery, that is not BIS certified, post 20th September, cannot be installed and hence cannot be imported into India. (more…)

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Free Solar Electricity for India- Masayoshi Son’s Marketing Genius

“Free electricity!”, Softbank’s Masayoshi Son enticed the gathering yesterday at Re-Invest in Greater Noida. He said that he would offer free electricity from solar power plants after completion of a 25 year power purchase agreement (PPA) to member nations of the International Solar Alliance.

Son elaborated that solar plants have a potential life of up to 80 years and he would recoup his investment during the PPA duration, after which he would ‘give-back’ free clean electricity to the world. (more…)

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