Over-sizing of Solar Arrays

Over-sizing is become a popular theme in solar power plant design in India as there is an increased pressure to drive down costs in installations. Let us understand the technical benefits and dangers of over-sizing solar arrays.

1. Advantages of Oversizing Solar Arrays

1.1 Higher Yield

As all solar EPCs know, a solar array typically never generates at more than 80% of the nameplate capacity or kWp. Thus a 10 kWp solar array, at any given time in Indian conditions would rarely exceed 8 kWp. Thus if we can connect more than 10 kWp of solar panels to a system with a 10 kVA inverter, the net generation or yield of electricity will ofcourse be higher. (more…)

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Application process

Applying for Solar Net-Metering in Gujarat

After having read an analysis on the Gujarat Net- Metering Regulations, here is a step-by-step procedure of Net-Metering application for those in Gujarat been waiting for these to kick start their projects. The procedure for application is beautifully outlined here in the Guidelines with set timelines. This finally seems a lot more organized and straightforward framework. (more…)

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Cheshire Homes Solar

Cheshire Homes Sets Benchmarks for Charitable Organizations with Solar

Cheshire Homes- Delhi Unit is a charitable organization that takes care of differently abled people since 1957. The moment you enter the premises you feel the good vibes resulting from such positive work. This summer, Cheshire Homes again did their bit towards saving humanity. They installed a solar power plant that offsets almost half their electricity consumption.

In the process, the promoters and administrators, Mrs. Meera Pradeep Singh, Maj. Gen. Krishna and Mr. Prabhat Krishna, have made sure that the home will not be in want for funds for their electricity bills for at least 25 years. Sunkalp Energy congratulates Cheshire Homes Delhi Unit on their achievement!

See specs of the solar plant below.


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Gujarat power plant

Gujarat Net-Metering Guidelines 2016

The Gujarat Net-Metering Guidelines are unique in its own way. Parts of it have greater level of detail and depth in it which is an evolution and a step forward from the past regulations that were published by other state commissions. However, other parts of it can be compared with regulations of the other states. The final Net- Metering Guidelines were published on 18/06/2016. (more…)

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