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Solar Power Plants- A Google Maps Tour

While navigating my way through Delhi, I was pleasantly surprised to see solar plants making frequent appearance on Google Maps. The geek in me is excited to share this with you! Come take a tour of some of Sunkalp Energy’s Solar Plants on Google Maps along with some more beautiful solar plants installed by other companies.

Dilliwaalas, see anything you recognize? If you have more such images, share them with us at info@sunkalp.com and we would love to add them to this feature.

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Review: The Problem with Growatt Inverters

Growatt is a Chinese manufactured inverter that seems to currently be making waves in the Indian market- thanks primarily to it’s low pricing. I had considered Growatt as a product to bring to India in 2014 and to test the waters had installed it with a 4.5 kW system at my house. The following is a detail of my experience with Growatt.

Growatt ReviewInverter Build quality- 2.5/5

Growatt is a large and bulky inverter– the 5 kW Growatt inverter is almost as large as the 25 kW Fronius Symo. It requires two people to handle a Growatt inverter and mounting it to the wall was a challenge. The display on the front is very minimalistic and carries only basic information. (more…)

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