Electricity rates increased by
30% in 3 years


By 2020, Half Of India Will Use
Renewable Energy.





SunKalp Energy’s promoters have practical and diversified experience in rooftop solar, decentralized energy generation, technology and policy proposal- across geographies and continents. We have worked with customers and vendors in more than 15 countries- spanning over a decade.


Our solar advisors quote you with only Tier I components. We visit the manufacturer’s factory to assess their quality processes and judge their performance from real live installed solar power plants. Sunkalp Energy does the due diligence on execution capabilities and project quality of solar installers so that you can sit back, relax and go solar.


Because we have experience with installing and running roof-top solar power plants, we have data which gives us confidence in terms of the generation to expect from a well installed solar power plant. Most installers on our platform offer financial generation guarantees to back the systems they install.

Rooftop Solar in India

Solar PV has becoming attractive as the grid electricity prices are increasing. In the Solar Industry, rooftop solar is the most practical solution of dealing with an increasing power tariff. Net-metering has also made it easy to feed-back excess electricity to the grid. Net-metering is currently present in over 21 states in India. There is also solar subsidy available from MNRE for solar for homes, residential complexes, solar for schools, solar for colleges and universities.

Installing a solar power plant in India

Been trying to find the right company to install solar on your roof? Confused about the process? Wonder what approvals are needed for your solar power plant? How to avail subsidy for solar? Now, you can manage most of it online! Place a request with Sunkalp Energy and we will survey your roof, find the right installer for you, help in financing and install the Solar System in less than a month.

Solar Calculator

Ever wondered how much electricity a 5 kW solar power plant will save for your home? How much area is needed for 100 kW plant at your factory? How many years will you get breakeven in from your solar plant? Get answers to all these questions and more- instantly calculate the cost of a rooftop solar power plant and get an estimate of your savings using Sunkalp’s solar calculator.

Enter the Rooftop Solar Industry

Sunkalp brings together installers, solar EPC companies, sales professionals, investors, banks, solar equipment manufacturers and customers. We also help you enter the rooftop solar industry through our solar training and Sunkalp Partner App.

On the Sunkalp Partner App you can get the most competitive prices for solar panels, solar inverters, and solar mounting structures. Use the Sunkalp Partner App to generate instant quotes for rooftop solar power plants customized with your own EPC logo.

What more, we help rooftop solar companies get Net Metering approval from BSES, NDMC, DHBVN, UHBVN and other utilities.

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