The Delhi cabinet approved the Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme last Tuesday. This is an extension on the Delhi Solar Power Scheme 2016 with some additional benefits to those installing rooftop solar in Delhi.

Salient features of the Solar Power Scheme for Delhi-ites are as below:

  • Residents (non-commercial) who install roof-top solar will get a generation based incentive of Rs. 2 per unit of solar electricity generated. For example, if a household installs a 10 kWp roof-top solar plant in Delhi, the solar plant is expected to generate 1200 units per month. Thus in addition to the reduction in electricity bill due to solar generation, the resident will get an incentive or rebate of 1200 x 2 = Rs. 2,400 for the month of September. This same resident can expect a generation based incentive of up to Rs. 28,000 in the whole year.
    • This generation based incentive on solar units is payable half-yearly under the Solar Power Scheme
    • The scheme will be valid for 5 years from FY 2016-17 to FY 2020-21.
  • The Solar Power Scheme also made a provision for a Renewable Energy Service Co Model (RESCO), under which selected service providers will install solar plants for group housing societies. The GHSs in Delhi won’t have to spend any capital for these installations. Instead they can purchase the electricity from the solar plants at an estimated rate of Rs. 3/ unit.
    • “There will be a tripartite agreement between the concerned group housing society, the service provider (company) and the Delhi government,” said Delhi cabinet minister Satyendar Jain.


The below categories are eligible for generation based incentive on solar power:

  • Individual house
  • Apartment complexes or Group Housing Schemes

Given that Delhi/ IPGCL empanellment for capital subsidy has expired with no known date yet for renewal, this is a benefit that non-commercial consumers can bank upon.

To learn more about how you can install a solar power plant in Delhi, reach out to us at info[at]sunkalp[dot]com