Solar Tariff SECI 500MW Bid

The Truth Behind 3 Rs per unit Solar Tariff

Dramatically low solar tariffs have been creating the stir in news since the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) released it’s bid results in late November. Agencies have been reporting that Solar Power tariffs touched a record low of Rs. 3/unit. While this sounds like great news, it is only the partial truth. Here is the complete understanding of solar power tariffs discovered as part of SECI’s 500 MW tender.


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How Does President Trump Affect the Global Solar Industry?

On 9/11, Donald Trump was declared the 45th President of the United States of America. While it is unclear how a Trump Presidency will affect multiple issues like USA’s stand on war, taxes and the economy, his stance on climate change and renewable energy is clear. And it’s not looking good.

  • Donald Trump has famously called climate change a “Chinese Hoax”. He has effecively denied what 99% of scientists have proven.


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Over-sizing of Solar Arrays

Over-sizing is become a popular theme in solar power plant design in India as there is an increased pressure to drive down costs in installations. Let us understand the technical benefits and dangers of over-sizing solar arrays.

1. Advantages of Oversizing Solar Arrays

1.1 Higher Yield

As all solar EPCs know, a solar array typically never generates at more than 80% of the nameplate capacity or kWp. Thus a 10 kWp solar array, at any given time in Indian conditions would rarely exceed 8 kWp. Thus if we can connect more than 10 kWp of solar panels to a system with a 10 kVA inverter, the net generation or yield of electricity will ofcourse be higher. (more…)

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SPV Below After

Solar Power Plants- A Google Maps Tour

While navigating my way through Delhi, I was pleasantly surprised to see solar plants making frequent appearance on Google Maps. The geek in me is excited to share this with you! Come take a tour of some of Sunkalp Energy’s Solar Plants on Google Maps along with some more beautiful solar plants installed by other companies.

Dilliwaalas, see anything you recognize? If you have more such images, share them with us at and we would love to add them to this feature.

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