Delhi Solar Policy, 2016- Official & Gazetted

The Delhi Solar Policy has finally been published from its Draft stages (refer) to a final one (refer).

It begins with a basic outline that Delhi has a solar potential of 2.5 GW of which 49% (almost half) would come from the domestic sector. This brings us back to think about the role played by residential rooftops in Delhi in making solar a great success and popularizing it. (more…)

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Mumbai/Pforzheim/Freiburg, October 19, 2016 – The Indian solar market is experiencing strong growth, bringing it ever closer to the Indian government’s goal of increasing the installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity to 100 gigawatts (GW) by 2022. Against the backdrop of this progress, Intersolar India opened today in the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. Over 230 exhibitors are presenting their products, services and solutions for the solar industry until October 21. The exhibition is accompanied by the Intersolar India Conference, where the Indian solar market and private roof-mounted installations are the center of attention. (more…)

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500 MW Rooftop Solar SECI tender results: Price Discovery (CAPEX)

The recent results of the 500 MW Rooftop Solar Tender by SECI may have been a bit of an eye opener for EPCs in the Rooftop Solar Market in terms of the prices they must quote.

To give you a brief, the SECI tender had three main parts: Part A, Part B and Part C. For this article, we will only be analysing price discovery for CAPEX Projects (Part A and Part C). (more…)

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Partnership Opportunities in Rooftop Solar Business: Maharashtra

With the net-metering mechanism implemented in Maharashtra and a demonstration of it in of our sites in Pune (4 kW Residential Project), Sunkalp Energy feels sure about expanding its Rooftop Solar market in Maharashtra. It’s the next hotbed for solar- except for the slight space constraint. With Sunkalp’s in-house capability to build super-structures, space constraint is taken care of as well. Owners of roofs, almost never have a reason to doubt its success in Maharashtra. (more…)

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