With so many solar inverters of different brands available in the market, it can be a challenge to select the correct inverter for your roof-top solar plant. Your solar plant needs to survive to the expected 25 years and the solar inverter is the heart of the system, so make sure you ask the right questions before making  your decision.

Solar Inverter’s Reputation

The reputation of the solar inverter brand which is generally is a good indicator of reliability, is the first thing that most people check. It is important to note that some brands such as SMA, Fronius and Delta are better at string inverters used typically in roof-top plants; Some have expertise in central inverters used in utility scale projects such as ABB and Delta while other brands such have better products for off-grid and hybrid projects.

Solar Inverter’s Fit for Use

Further, the brand you choose should have solar inverters suitable to the capacity of your solar plant. This is especially an important consideration for smaller residential solar projects. For example, SMA does not have any products for single phase connections, whereas Delta and Zever both have single phase products up to 6 kWp and Fronius has a single phase product suitable for even 8 kWp. Similarly, Zever’s maximum capacity is 33 kVA whereas Delta carries even an 88kVA string inverter. So your project capacity be decisive in selecting the correct solar inverter.

Service Support Available for the Solar Inverter

Prompt service is once of the most important things to consider before selecting your solar inverter. Given that most inverter manufacturer’s do not allow you tinker with their products on site and a certified technician is required, it is important that your manufacturer has a good service network in your local area. It is also important to understand if any distributor is maintaining repairs for your solar inverter in a nearby location. This is will ensure minimum downtime in case of any failures.

Your Solar Inverter’s Technical Specifications

It is critical to see what’s inside the box. Does your solar inverter have enough MPPTs as needed for your specific project? Does the inverter have the right protections inbuilt such as AC SPD, DC SPD, disconnects? Is the solar inverter indoor or outdoor (IP65) type? Does the solar inverter have remote monitoring capability? Does your solar inverter have forced or passive cooling? Your solar installer can typically help you with all these questions.

Is the Solar Inverter Made for India?

And finally, is your solar inverter made for India? Most locations in India where solar is popular are hot, dusty and humid- the worst conditions for any electronic product. Further, our grid is extremely unreliable, specially in industrial areas that are prone to surges. What is the track record of your solar inverter in terms of warranty failures in similar environments? The inverter may work well in benign European environments, but how has it’s track record been in extremely hot climates and in locations with unstable grids? Make sure you ask!

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