Coral Reef Bleaching

Bleaching of Coral Reefs: Impending Disaster

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Here we are amidst this beautiful colourful world, when suddenly we hear of yet another happening in another corner of the world. This one’s not colourful. In fact, the opposite of colourful. The coral reefs seem to be bleaching! 93% of the reefs on the Great Barrier Reef have been hit by Coral Bleaching (See banner image) (refer). Reason? Well, you would have guessed because I am writing about this.

Global Warming! Abnormally high ocean temperatures. As reported, this is because warm water flowing Around Pacific Ocean caused by El Niño (Read more about El Nino effect & Solar Energy)

It is said that if they remain bleached for extended periods of time, they are likely to die.


Bleaching of Coral Reefs will not only have an impact on biological life, but also that on economy (refer) causing a loss of upto $84 million! We did not foresee ‘losing money’ as an impact of Global Warming. Correct?

Recommended Action

What’s more inexpensive than that?

Avoiding it! Well, all you have to do is look to switch to methods that don’t cause global warming. We all know by now that the primary cause for global warming (see how critical it is right now) has been burning of fossil fuels (refer). We also know that there are great alternative sources of energy such Solar Energy that can be used to cut down our consumption from the Grid. What we also know is that Net-Metering Policies and its Implementation is present in most states (refer) and that Solar is most suitable for a country like India (300 Sunny days). But, we choose to be laid back about it.

No, I am not blaming India for the bleaching of Coral Reefs, but just having a premonition that if the state of affairs remain the same, we are headed for a disaster. And there are ways in which India can contribute in controlling it by making use of the policies in place for Solar. It’s time to wake up and take action to have a secure future. Click here to take the first step to securing yours.

Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

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