Breathing room for Solar: GST April deadline may be missed

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With GST kicking in to benefit the economy in the long run, all of us have secretly been a bit apprehensive about its implementation. We have been worried about paying more to get the same things. Of course, for some goods, prices may fall with GST. However, from what has been doing the rounds, prices of solar in all likelihood will not, considering it has been tax free in some states in any case till now.

With the possible delay of achieving implementation of GST by April 1st 2017, there might be some breathing space for buyers for Rooftop Solar. As mentioned in our previous blogs (refer), overall cost of going solar is likely to increase with the imposition of GST affecting the Solar Industry. Hence, with a delay in such an implementation, CAPEX and especially OPEX projects can hasten their decision to take advantage of this extra time. In OPEX, the interest of Investors is expected to lower due to the increase in pay back period.

Downhill, prices will both increase, and the subsidy will also not continue for too long. Institutions stand to benefit the most by taking advantage of both the subsidy and a delayed GST implementation. So, for all the EPCs and Investors out there, schools and colleges should be the target. This news comes at a time just when Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has announced its intent to go solar (refer) and install solar in its schools.

This might be a pretty good time to plan a large scale project too which can be installed and commissioned by say May, 2017 without having to pay extra. As long as the billing is done before, solar still makes sense. Send in your request about making your move to solar by clicking here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your request.

Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

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