Elon announces PowerWall, Sunkalp draws an Infographic

Recently Elon Musk on Tesla announced the much awaited Lithium Ion battery, which they have artfully named the “PowerWall”. In a dynamic presentation, Musk demonstrated how all of the world’s energy consumption could come from solar power, be it day or night, if we could use the Power Wall batteries to store energy during the day. Excitingly, the Power Wall can now be reserved for $3,400 from www.teslaenergy.com


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AAP vs BJP- Solar Policy

Solar Policy Comparison in Delhi Manifesto

As Delhi is all set to go to polls again this Saturday, the dominant two parties are canvassing aggressively over similar issues- water, electricity and solar energy!

Interestingly, solar energy features as a key component in each of the partys’ manifesto. While AAP has stated that it wants to make Delhi a ‘Solar City’ the Modi led BJP has been a vocal supporter of solar power. (more…)

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