Review: The Problem with Growatt Inverters

Growatt is a Chinese manufactured inverter that seems to currently be making waves in the Indian market- thanks primarily to it’s low pricing. I had considered Growatt as a product to bring to India in 2014 and to test the waters had installed it with a 4.5 kW system at my house. The following is a detail of my experience with Growatt.

Growatt ReviewInverter Build quality- 2.5/5

Growatt is a large and bulky inverter– the 5 kW Growatt inverter is almost as large as the 25 kW Fronius Symo. It requires two people to handle a Growatt inverter and mounting it to the wall was a challenge. The display on the front is very minimalistic and carries only basic information. (more…)

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Review: Fronius Symo- Versatile, Premium Inverters

Fronius is one of the few inverter manufacturers that still makes their product in the EU. Based out of Austria, the inverter manufacturer is extremely professional and their product stands the test of time. We would say that Fronius is second only to SMA. The following is our detailed review of the product and features based on using it at my residence.


Inverter Build quality- 5/5

With a die cast aluminium body, the inverter not only looks and feels good, but is good for heat¬†dissipation. This is even more beneficial in India’s hot conditions- as more and more string inverters are being installed outdoors. This IP66 inverter will fare well in our climate. The inverter I used at home (Fronius Symo 4.5-3.0-S) weighs less than 20 kgs and has handles inbuilt into the frame. Light and compact, it and can be easily handled by just two people. (more…)

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