Application process for net-metering in Delhi: A case study

An establishment located in Okhla, New Delhi, is one of our very recent customers that was convinced that it was time to go solar. A commercial power consumer, it was paying an average of about ₹ 9.5 per unit of electricity inclusive of taxes which was rising at 5-8% annually. Their main motivations to go solar were to reduce the electricity bill and to save on taxes by claiming accelerated depreciation. (more…)

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Feasibility Study for MW Scale Project

Project Status: In Progress

Sunkalp Energy is currently working on the feasibility study for a multi-megawatt scale solar PV grid connected project to be installed Madhya Pradesh.

We started with the basic site study process and are now working on the technological and financial aspects for a project of such a scale.

Sunkalp Energy is looking for quotes on PV hardware as well as balance of system components. Contact us if you are interested in being associated with this project and for additional details.

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