Solar Safeguard Duty- Shock and Awe Tactics, Who’s The Enemy?

Our current policy makers are earning quite the reputation with their shock and awe tactics. Of course the overnight demonetization in November 2016 will go down in history books as something that de-stabilized our economy and brought life to a general stand still.

Frustratingly, our policy makers are using the same abruptness across various sectors.

Speaking specifically of the solar industry and MNRE-  take for example, various roof-top subsidy policies that were running in states such as Delhi and Punjab. Delhi’s IPGCL had empanelled vendors until 30th June 2018 plus an additional 6 months for project execution. Punjab’s PEDA’s empanellment was to be until 24th September. However, a crisp mail was received by vendors in the third week of June that empanellment would be truncated on 30th June. No consideration for the lakhs that solar companies had invested in bank guarantees for these tenders and the advances that consumers had paid for subsidized installation.

No discussion, no debate- just a half page order from MNRE.

A more recent, anticipated, policy may just be the final nail in the coffin for many in the Indian Solar industry. In the name of protecting domestic solar panel manufacturers, there are murmurs that the DG (Safeguards) may abruptly implement a 30-40% safeguard import duty on solar cells and panels. This rumor was relayed to the writer on July 11th, and implementation is expected as soon as July 25th.


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The Global Grid: Cooperation for Sustainability

The world today faces four faceted energy challenges of supply, security, access and de-carbonization. In a highly interdependent world where renewable energy is becoming an increasing part of the global energy mix, this paper proposes global energy connectivity as an important part of the solution. We analyse the technical and political aspects of energy connectivity and present several case studies to be referred to by policy makers as they prepare for global energy connectivity.

Download complete paper: The Global Grid


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Obama COP21

#covfefe Exiting the Paris Agreement: Beginning of the End of America’s Powers

The color of the global empire may well be green. ~ Yuval Noah Harrari

In his bestseller about the human species, Yuval Harrari makes a compelling argument about the direction in which we are headed. He states that slowly nationalism is being replaced by a deep global co-operation over matters that affect the entire humanity. Our deep sense of national identity is being over-ridden by our identification with the human species and the urge to save and sustain it.

This is obvious in the formation of groups such as the European Union and the United Nations, which transcend political boundaries.
Mr. Harrari argues that as it becomes easier to conduct business, transact culturally and economically across boundaries, countries will soon merge into a single unified empire.

Every empire requires a bedrock for collaboration- preservation of the Earth and environment as we know it will be the bedrock for our global empire. (more…)

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