Delhi Solar Policy, 2016- Official & Gazetted

The Delhi Solar Policy has finally been published from its Draft stages (refer) to a final one (refer).

It begins with a basic outline that Delhi has a solar potential of 2.5 GW of which 49% (almost half) would come from the domestic sector. This brings us back to think about the role played by residential rooftops in Delhi in making solar a great success and popularizing it. (more…)

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GST- How it will affect the Solar Industry- Part 1

On Wednesday, the Rajya Sabha passed the GST bill, moving one step closer to making GST a reality. While GST has been widely touted as a positive reform for the Indian economy in general, we explore how GST will specifically impact the Solar Industry.

1. Current and Proposed Tax Scenario

Currently, different tax rates are applicable depending on the nature of procurement. Generic Excise duty rate is 12.5%, Service tax is 15%, Import Duty is 29.4% and VAT 5%-14%. All such rates could be reduced/ exempted basis the actual nature of goods and purpose, depending on state, by using C forms and by availing concessions.

Proposed GST Taxes

Below are the approximate rates for different types of GST or Goods and Service Tax.

State GST/ SGST 10%
Central GST/ CGST 20%
IGST 20%

2. GST- The Upside

2.1 Greater Clarity on Interstate Transactions


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