How Does President Trump Affect the Global Solar Industry?

On 9/11, Donald Trump was declared the 45th President of the United States of America. While it is unclear how a Trump Presidency will affect multiple issues like USA’s stand on war, taxes and the economy, his stance on climate change and renewable energy is clear. And it’s not looking good.

  • Donald Trump has famously called climate change a “Chinese Hoax”. He has effecively denied what 99% of scientists have proven.


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Delhi Solar Policy, 2016- Official & Gazetted

The Delhi Solar Policy has finally been published from its Draft stages (refer) to a final one (refer).

It begins with a basic outline that Delhi has a solar potential of 2.5 GW of which 49% (almost half) would come from the domestic sector. This brings us back to think about the role played by residential rooftops in Delhi in making solar a great success and popularizing it. (more…)

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