Indian School Solar Bill

Net Metered Solar Plant at Indian School- Real Data

“In God we trust, everyone else bring data.”

The Indian School, New Delhi has installed a 71.2 kW net metered solar plant as previously reported by Sunkalp Energy. We had predicted that the school’s electricity bill would reduce by 65%. Now that data from the first quarter of electricity bills is out, the I am happy to share that there have been positive changes in the electricity bills after installation of solar. (more…)

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Solar module

Choosing the right solar module for your projects

With the growing popularity of solar energy, there has been an upsurge of system installers and manufacturers in the market. You get to hear a new name every day which, more often than not, causes confusion in the minds of buyers. Majority of buyers are not well-versed with the industry and end up basing their decision on either cost or presentation of the sellers. To address this problem, SunKalp brings to you a guide to choose your solar modules wisely- this is a technical guide for Solar EPCs. Listed below are the factors you should consider apart from cost: (more…)

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Solar shading

Impact of shading on Solar Panels

The post explores the impact of shading on solar panels by objects to their east or west on generation, in Northern India.

While assessing a site for installation of solar panels, most surveyors have a good understanding of how to handle shading impact from objects to the South of a given area. However, for objects to the East and West there aren’t too many established “rules of thumb”. While there are plenty of tools such as PV Syst to assess shading impact for solar power plants, a quick reference is quite useful while on site doing initial surveys. (more…)

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