It has been a while since solar net-metering implementation guidelines (refer) and regulations (refer) came out (for Delhi). With solar becoming popular not only in commercial and industrial segment, but also in the residential segment, there is a need for people to know about one of the most important government incentives- Net-metering.

So here we have a simplified version of solar net-metering in Delhi.

Highlights of net-metering regulations in Delhi:

  • Connectivity of Renewable Energy System would be on a first com first serve basis
  • Available transformer capacity for connection for net-metering can be accessed on the respective Distribution Licensee’s website. Total capacity available for connectivity at a particular transformer shall not be less than 20% of rated capacity of the transformer
  • Capacity of the solar power system that can be installed with no extra charges would be equal to the sanctioned load of the premises of the consumer
  • In case a consumer is interested in installing a system higher than premises’ sanctioned load, then the consumer needs to pay ‘Service Line cum Development’ charges to enhance the sanctioned load
  • Minimum capacity that must be installed is 1 kW


Application Procedure

Delhi Solar Policy application procedure

Simplified by Sunkalp


Relevant fees applicable:

  • Application of intent (refer): INR 500
  • Application for registration (refer):
    • 1- 10 kW: INR 1000
    • >10 – 50 kW: INR 3000
    • >50- 100 kW: INR 6000
    • >100- 300 kW: INR 9000
    • >300- 500 kW: INR 12000
    • >500 kW: INR 15000


  • Validity of the priority list of people allotted a serial number is 180 days
  • If the consumer’s site is found to be infeasible for the capacity applied for then the consumer has 3 options:
    • Accept connectivity for reduced capacity as recommended by the DISCOM
    • Seek refund of application intent fee within 7 days of intimation of feasibility status
    • Stay in priority list for 180 days for re-consideration of application
  • The letter of intimation will contain details on the documents to be submitted, applicable charges, technical specifications and list of approvals needed. Typically, this would be handled by your EPC that would only require certain documents from your end to move your case to the next step
  • If the registration form is found incomplete, then the consumer will be informed about the deficiencies and given 15 days to rectify the same. Within 15 days of this submission, if the form is still incomplete, the DISCOM will give a personal hearing to the customer and give him/her another 15 days to cure the deficiencies beyond which no more opportunities would be given


Energy Accounting

Accounting shall become effective from the date of connectivity to distribution system. This means from the following billing cycle, the bill would incorporate net-metering (Annexure IV).

The bill will clearly indicate energy units exported, energy units imported, net energy units billed and energy units carried forward (C/F). Billing would be as follows:

  • Non TOD tariff customers: Energy units exported to the grid shall be subtracted from the imported units. In case energy exported is more than the energy imported then it would be carried forward for adjustment in the next billing cycle of a settlement period
  • TOD tariff customer: Energy exported in a particular time black would be first used to off-set import in the same timeblock. However, if export exceeds import then the extra units exported will be accounted as though generation took place during off-peak time-block. In case export of energy is happening during peak hours when the DISCOM has more demand than available energy, then DISCOM (with the permission of the commission) can provide incentives to such customers
  • At the end of the year (Settlement period) if there are unadjusted units, the DISCOM shall pay the customer at APPC (Averge power purchase cost)

Refer to this article to understand how your bill would look like (in Delhi) and units compensated. If you think it’s time to put reduce your electricity and live in a cleaner environment, get an estimate of your solar system here.