Emmvee Solar panels

Emmvee Solar panels: the star performer

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Solar panel manufacturer:
Emmvee Solar System Pvt Ltd

Reviewed by:
On August 27, 2015
Last modified:February 28, 2016


Their factory has excellent quality processes including flash testing and 100% EL testing. Generation from the solar panels in Delhi is above average.

Who said that a monsoon day does not generate units exceeding your expectations? A whopping 5.5 units per kW in one day! An ideal case is when 1 kW produces 5 units in a day. But, Indian technology (Emmvee Solar) seems to have taken us by surprise. An almost smooth curve can be seen for the 25th August, 2015 (a day from the monsoons). This generation can be measured on a real time basis on the web. The inverter is connected to the internet which constantly measures the generation at every instant producing the curve (as shown below). This curve has been mapped by the software ‘SolarWeb’ linked to a ‘Fronius’ inverter.

3 kw Emmvee solar plant
Generation of a 3 kW solar plant on 25th August,2015

In case the system stops producing power at any given time on a perfectly sunny day the smoothness of the curve will be disturbed. Then, you know it’s time to ring up your EPC company or refer to your maintenance manual for troubleshooting the problem. Following are the possible problems that may come in the way of proper functioning of the solar power system:

  • Dust accumulation on the solar panels
  • Shading of the solar panels
  • Breakage of the solar panels
  • Bird dropping on solar panels
  • Faulty inverter
  • Lose/improper internet connection with the solar power system

The Sunkalp Energy team traveled all the way from Delhi to Bangalore and did a detailed study of the manufacturing and quality processes at the Emmvee factory before decided to used the Solar Panels.
Emmvee 2

Solar Panels on the Emmvee Cafeteria Roof

Emmvee 1 (1)

Solar Panels on the Emmvee Factory facade If you do plan to install a solar power system soon, you should then consider picking Emmvee solar as your choice of solar panels for two reasons-

  • It is an Indian make panel that performs well. It’s supporting and giving a push to the manufacturing facilities in India promoting a greater cause- Growth of India as an economy
  • Also, you get the benefit of claiming subsidy for different capacities (FormA, FormB) (by MNRE) if you purchase Indian make solar panels reducing the upfront cost involved in installing a solar power system

If you think you’re ready for modernizing your living with solar energy, click here to get a free proposal from Sunkalp.

Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

2 thoughts on “Emmvee Solar panels: the star performer

  1. Please tell me,
    On grid solar inverter gets an input from the grid for its synchronization. So when the grid supply fails, solar inverter also stops generating.
    Can we feed it from normal home inverter at that time to make it generate again? By this arrangement, the solar power can be generated throughout the day, even when grid supply is out.
    Request clarify. Thanks.

    1. Dear Mr. Verma,

      For reference voltage it can use the Grid/ Your DG or the Home Inverter. But the batteries of your home inverter will require more time spent on its maintenance.


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