From engaging your customer with a Quotation to Implementing the solar project

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At a recent training organized by TERI (in Bhopal), I was privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute to it by introducing the Sunkalp Partner App to address a group of enthusiastic New Entrepreneurs looking to enter the Rooftop Solar Industry. Here’s reiterating my session’s highlights.

For all those of us who have been trying to enter the Rooftop Solar industry or are new entrants in the industry, things can seem quite overwhelming. I am not trying to say that it’s rocket science to be in the industry and start making some money. I am only saying that the availability of ‘knowledge’ is scattered. Also, it’s not an industry which is very organized.

So, here is addressing ‘Step-1’ of executing a Solar Power Project- Convincing your customer. How so though? By generating a clean, exhaustive, easy to understand Techno-Commercial Proposal. You’d say, you could do that on your own? Well, of course you could! But, do you want to waste 2 hours on something that can be done under a minute? Perhaps, not.

In fact, the first quotation you create for your customer is probably going to take you anywhere between a one day to a week. Why so? Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll have to go through before you send out the first quotation:

Quotation generation process


Identifying the technology to be used for any project would be critical in how much space is required for panels and what efficiencies can be guaranteed. Also, which type of inverter should be used and what are the critical specifications basis which options should be shortlisted.

Cost and Profit:

Finding distributors and cost of components making sure you don’t get rigged is a time consuming process as well. What kind of guarantees and warranties should you offer to the client so both you and your client are safeguarded from losses.

Then, identifying shipping costs involved for the entire setup along with taxes. With our experience in the industry, we have seen that there is very little clarity on what taxes are levied on components. Finally, adding your margin and calculating your profit while making sure the price remains attractive and cash flows look good. How to represent cash flows to clients with the system that you’re offering also remains a challenge as finance specialists may be required to vet it adding to the ‘human resource’ cost.

Terms & Conditions:

What should be the payment terms? Bringing clarity to yourself and your client about your responsibilities and that of the clients.

After putting all these things together, you would probably send the quotation to your client by the time the iron may not remain so hot. If it does, the customer may ask you to change some specifications and give him a revised quote. Part of all of the above process would be repeated again leading to a time lag.

We at Sunkalp, are trying to resolve this issue, by providing a quotation generating App which takes care of all of this in under a minute! So, you don’t lose your customer, you increase the number of customers you reach out to, you maximise conversions. Once converted, you can place an order for components on the ‘Procurement’ counterpart of the App by ‘Placing Order’. Shown below is the presentation on the App:

Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

2 thoughts on “From engaging your customer with a Quotation to Implementing the solar project

  1. This is wonderful Tanya. Can your Techno Commercial Proposal be adapted for any country in the world Market. I live in Canada, I have been thinking working also on Pakistan Projects
    I would like to use your “Techno-Commercial Proposal” .
    If you agree, can you either send me a write-up on my Email, in attachment(s) or tell me which aspects need modifification.
    Syed Haider

    1. Dear Syed,
      Great to know your interest in our solar techno-commercial proposal feature. Currently this feature is only available for India.
      Team Sunkalp

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