Greater Noida gets Introduced to Net- Metering

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We are as surprised as you are! We thought that Uttar Pradesh DISCOMs would be the most resistant in allowing people to connect their Solar Power Systems to the grid. I was quite wide eyed when I analysed the Net Metering Regulations of U.P as well (Read of the policy) which looked great, but I had serious doubts on its implementation.

But, here we are clapping our hands, looking at the sanctioning of the very FIRST net-metering connection in Greater Noida. For all those of you, who have been holding yourself back because of similar doubts, click here to get a free proposal. Here are the details of the Solar Power Plant that Sunkalp Energy installed in Greater Noida.

System Specifications

Capacity 10 kWp
Modules 315 Wp x 16, Indian made
Solar Inverter 8.2 kVA, 3 phase inverter, Austrian made
System Type Grid Synchronous, net metered
Structure Galvanized iron

The project was installed on the Rooftop of Anilesh Enterprises located in Greater Noida and took between 15 days to 1 month after feasibility analysis (by the DISCOM) for the project to be connected to the grid (net-metering connection to be received). This is contrary to the 6 months it took us for sanctioning of the first net-metering connection in Delhi. We have come a long way. The process of getting a net-metering connection seems to have ironed out over time lending more confidence among customers. We are proud of the progress that has been made in the industry and now achieving 40 GW does not seem just a dream (Read more).

So here we present the first net-metered site in Uttar Pradesh. Take a look at the site and tell us when you want to install in yours!

Anilesh Enterprises


Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

7 thoughts on “Greater Noida gets Introduced to Net- Metering

  1. Thank you Tanya for the update. I wish we can introduce such policies in Pakistan. I do have interest in Noida Area, because my Father and his father were from Hansi / Hisar, Haryana.
    Nowe I wish I could visit. Indian but Gov. is not allowing, because my Canadian Passport says, I was born in Pakistan (In fact I was born in British India, there was no Pakistan or Bharat, at that time). But nobody can tell Mody that we want to forget old past and want loving relations.
    However, I read your updates with great interest, please keep me updated. This helps !

  2. Tanya
    Is it mandatory for getting approval by DISCOM prior to setting up Net metering based Solar Roof Top system for residences in Delhi. Also what about subsidies? have you been able to get subsidies?

    1. Dear Vinay,
      Thanks for writing in. Grid connectivity can be received only with the approval of the DISCOM- which is something we have been able to establish in Greater Noida as well. Subsidy, we remain wary of. We are not sure it is getting disbursed in the timely fashion. But, in case clients interested in it, we do submit their applications. In case you’re looking to install, you can fill out our interest form on the Home Page or write to us at


  3. hi,

    i want to start a business of solar panels in greater noida. i have adequate space in industrial area and have working experience of about 24 years. can u suggest a few good names where i can apply for a dealership. thanks

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