It’s been about a month since the Haryana Solar Policy 2016 came out. So here we have an analysis of the section on Rooftop Solar and Net-Metering that is of importance to us. So, here I will be concentrating on the overview of the policy and how it’s useful for those residing in Haryana.

Main Highlights

The policy was released on 3rd March, 2016. With the potential increase in solar RPO targets, Haryana will need to add an installed capacity of 3200 MW of which Rooftop Solar would form 50% of the target (1600 MW). Following constitute those who are mandated to install 5% of their connected load on solar.

Table- Haryana

In the residential sector only the newer buildings are mandated. However, among all other types of customers both newer and existing buildings are mandated. Such a notification came out about a year back as well. However, there was no enforcement. So, we cannot expect uptake because of the ‘mandate’. However, more because it makes economic sense.

The policy also positions Net- Metering in Haryana as an incentive and that for Financial Year 15-16 INR 0.25 per unit would be provided in the bills of consumers. This incentive would be revised every year and is payable from Financial Year 16-17 onwards. Find out here how it would influence the cash flows.

Highlights for Rooftop PPA projects (Procedure):

  • No permission is required from building plan sanctioning authority for setting up of Rooftop Solar Power plant.
  • Implementing agency for net-metering in Haryana would be HAREDA
  • On approval of PPA, the agreement will be signed between the developer and HPPC (Haryana Power Purchase Centre)
  • Clearances and approvals would be provided through single window clearance (HAREDA) to the developer (within 60 days after submission of complete application, enclosures, fees including LOI)
  • No processing fee is required for this procedure, however an earnest money deposit of INR 2.00 lacs will need to be deposited (INR 200/ kw) which is refundable after singing of the PPA.

Clearances and other charges for Net Metering in Haryana:

  • Electricity taxes, cess, electricity duty, wheeling charges, cross subsidy charges, transmission and distribution charges: totally waived off for both Ground Mounted and Rooftop Solar Projects.
  • Exemption from External Development Charges, Scrutiny Fee and Infrastructure Development Charges for the time during which the solar power plant is operational. This brings some clarity to those involved in Civil and Construction of newer projects and will now help them incorporate Solar as a part of the project, easily.
  • No clearance required from Haryana Pollution Control Board. This helps in accelerating the pace at which projects are executed.

Slowly and steadily, there is more and more clarity that’s coming with each Policy release. The government is actively working on making a framework. It is now on us to make use of this to the fullest potential. With new incentives being released, some older incentives are also getting withdrawn such as reduction of Accelerated Depreciation (refer). Why then wait another year to go solar? Click here and get a free proposal! Sunkalp Energy can now also assist you in your Net-Metering application in South Delhi and Haryana. Very soon, we will also have this feature on the App. Mail on to get in touch.