Hottest June: Climate change: an urgent cue to go solar!

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The front page news yesterday (refer) in Hindustan Times today is glaring at us in our faces. A quarter degree (fahrenheit) jump in the Global temperatures in just a year! When, temperatures rise only by on hundredth of a degree every year. El Nino effect, which influences weather patterns across the globe is expected to get stronger this year as compared with 2010 when it petered out.

As Carbon Brief states, that the two degree rise in global temperatures was set in 1975. Since then, the temperatures have risen 0.68o C (refer to climate scientist Broecker’s predictions).

Broecker_climate change


As per latest data, this year has seen a dramatic rise in temperature by 0.12o C (refer). So the total increase so far has been 0.8oC. The limit we have is 2oC before we enter the zone of dangerous climate change. Following is an assessment of what happens before and after we cross 2oC.

Greenhouse emissions scenario

Very well briefed in the infographic, you can see that going beyond 2oC is can result in ocean acidification to substantial species extinction!

The main cause of the rise in temperature is emission of greenhouse gases because of burning fossil fuels (91% refer). This emission is causing the atmosphere to become thicker and the planet to become warmer (refer).

So can we do anything to stop it? Yes! Of course we can. Go solar! India is the ideal place to go solar with 300 sunny days! How does that help?

  • Takes the load off electricity generation through coal burning which produces greenhouse gases
  • Produces energy in a clean manner and cutting air pollution caused by fossil fuel burning by 90% (refer)
  • Reduces heating caused because of burning of fossil fuels
  • Water (used for cooling thermal power plants) conservation by going solar
  • Other benefits: Lesser noise and air pollution.

Why is it urgent in India? 2,000 lives were taken in India only due to heat in Allahabad. It is one of the worst affected countries since it is one of hottest countries in the world as well as a developing nation (refer). Any increase in temperature will have catastrophic effects as stated above.

So, what’s stopping us from taking a step towards a better future (such as going solar)? Well there are 2-3 reasons as stated below:

  • Freshness of the industry in India
  • Lack of trust in solar as an energy source. Perhaps, people think that a solar plant will not create electricity or will create bad quality of electricity. Any more reasons you don’t trust solar (write to us here)
  • Even if the above two points are taken care of, what we really see among customers is ‘stinginess’. I will not sugar coat this. It is really that. Customers who buy iPhones for INR 75,000 have a problem spending on something that will be good for the environment and only make the world liveable for them. “Environment? To hell with it! I know I’ll be able to live my lifetime, why think of the next generation”. Perhaps, if you do start thinking a few years later, maybe it’ll be too late. Perhaps, those going on a one way trip to Mars may actually live a better life there and colonize a mutant human there. Earth? Forget it! At this rate it’s probably not be the liveable planet it used to be.

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Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

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