“In God we trust, everyone else bring data.”

The Indian School, New Delhi has installed a 71.2 kW net metered solar plant as previously reported by Sunkalp Energy. We had predicted that the school’s electricity bill would reduce by 65%. Now that data from the first quarter of electricity bills is out, the I am happy to share that there have been positive changes in the electricity bills after installation of solar.

Metered Electricity Units:

  Year 2014 Year 2015 Year 2016
Month Billed Units Billed Units Billed Units
January 11,504 8,080 3,823
February 8,536 6,308 1,814
March 7,744 6,440 0
April 13,088 14,152 10,625
May 16,968 No Data 8,636
Total (Jan- Apr) 40,872 34,980 16,262

Based on Study of Bills

  • For the period Jan to April, the metered electricity units for 2016 are 54% lower than 2015 and 60% lower than 2014.
  • In terms of rupees, in less than five months (Jan-May’16) the school has saved Rs. 3.3 lacs as compared to 2014. This will be more if we consider the increase in consumption due to addition of loads such as AC units and equipment since 2014.
  • For the period Jan-Apr’16, the Indian School the bill has reduced by more than Rs. 1.9 lacs as compared to 2015. Savings for this period are higher considering increase in consumption over the year.
  • You may also find it interesting to note that the maximum demand of the school for Apr 2016 is 17% lower than Apr 2015.
  • In barely four months, The Indian School has offset almost 20 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to planting 450 mature trees. This is the same amout of CO2 that is sequestered by over 16 acres of forest land.

See below a comparative graph of The Indian School’s monthly consumption from 2014-2016:

Indian School Solar Bill

Sunkalp Energy congratulates The Indian School, Principal Joshi and Director Mr. Raisinghani for positive action with the use of solar power and real results.