Solar Tariff SECI 500MW Bid

The Truth Behind 3 Rs per unit Solar Tariff

Dramatically low solar tariffs have been creating the stir in news since the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) released it’s bid results in late November. Agencies have been reporting that Solar Power tariffs touched a record low of Rs. 3/unit. While this sounds like great news, it is only the partial truth. Here is the complete understanding of solar power tariffs discovered as part of SECI’s 500 MW tender.


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Breathing room for Solar: GST April deadline may be missed

With GST kicking in to benefit the economy in the long run, all of us have secretly been a bit apprehensive about its implementation. We have been worried about paying more to get the same things. Of course, for some goods, prices may fall with GST. However, from what has been doing the rounds, prices of solar in all likelihood will not, considering it has been tax free in some states in any case till now. (more…)

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