Partnership Opportunities in Rooftop Solar Business: Maharashtra

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With the net-metering mechanism implemented in Maharashtra and a demonstration of it in of our sites in Pune (4 kW Residential Project), Sunkalp Energy feels sure about expanding its Rooftop Solar market in Maharashtra. It’s the next hotbed for solar- except for the slight space constraint. With Sunkalp’s in-house capability to build super-structures, space constraint is taken care of as well. Owners of roofs, almost never have a reason to doubt its success in Maharashtra.

Our Key Reason

Most cities in Maharashtra especially Mumbai have the highest tariffs in India. Hence, it makes it one city that can draw maximum benefit from installing a Rooftop Solar System. The key reason for anyone to install solar is to reduce their electricity bill is to cut their upper slab of tariff. By installing a solar power system, customers have to pay a levelized tariff of INR 5 or 6 for every unit they consumer from solar. This leads to tremendous savings since, they are paying at a whopping tariff of INR 11/ unit in their upper slab.

With a latent demand for sources to reduce electricity bills, Maharashtra only needs to be told about availability of such a source. The best source currently available commercially is solar.

Sunkalp Energy is hence opening partnership opportunities to those interested in the business of Solar.


What you need to do

All you need to do to make your move to become a Sunkalp Partner is to follow these steps:

  • Download the Sunkalp Partner App from Google Play Store
  • Register on the App and then login to the App
  • Get a mail back from Sunkalp Energy Partnership Categories
  • Choose a Partnership Category
  • Execute Projects with ease with Sunkalp Energy Services

If you think you feel ready to take this leap (you don’t have to leave your job for it!), give this a shot. Start by downloading the Sunkalp Partner App. Know more about the App here.

Tanya Batra

Tanya keeps a close track of policy updates in the field of Rooftop Solar in India and likes to write blogs on its application for the end customer

13 thoughts on “Partnership Opportunities in Rooftop Solar Business: Maharashtra

  1. Dear Madam,

    A friend of mine has a Steel factory in Nagpur and he has a land to install Solar Power Plant in Jalgaon. Can he get subsidy & sell Electricity to Mahavitaran & avail all the benefits?



    1. Dear Pradeep,

      Subsidy is not available in such arrangements. However, your friend may sell electricity on Open Access.


  2. Hi,

    This is Gunashekar.V from Concept Energy System, Bangalore., self will be visiting Inter solar at Mumbai on 21st Oct, 2016. Please let me have your convenience and Visitor pass to meet you in person.


    1. Dear Gunashekhar,

      Thanks for writing in. I would be available for a meeting at the stall between 11am and 3pm. Our stall number is 1147. Feel free to visit us anytime in between.


  3. Hello Tanya,
    Can you please guide on current possibility of set up 1mw ground mounted solar PV plant in state of Maharashtra under open category to fulfill RPO obligation of MSEDCL.
    1. is it state Nodal agency( MEDA) signing PPA with solar developer for developing solar PV.
    2. Can we use Agricultural land without conversation for setting up solar plant.

    1. Dear Dilip,

      Thanks for writing in, please find below the answers:
      1. On paper yes
      2. I’m not sure I completely understand this point, could you elaborate?

      Tanya Batra

  4. I want to start the partnership business with ur company
    I home is in Uran, Raigad (new Mumbai)
    can you pls. tell me what type of requirements are needed,

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