One of the most common questions by a customer is “Which Solar panel is better“? Beyond multi or mono crystalline, we typically just go on market repute. The good thing is that there is real data our there to answer the question of which solar panel manufacturer is better. Let’s have a look at some test result based rankings of solar panels.

Each year Photon does year long live tests of solar panels of different brands under identical conditions and ranks them based on relative yield or performance ratio. Sunkalp Energy has taken the latest results from 2015 and picked out the multicrystalline solar panels which are most commonly available for MW projects in India.

2013 Photon Results

Photon Solar Module Test 2

2015 Photon Results

Photon Solar Module Test 1


  • In 2015, a total of 173 different solar panels from vendors of international repute with large enough facilities were tested. Of the 173, only two Indian manufacturers were tested- Vikram Solar and Emmvee Photovoltaic.
  • It’s good to see that Indian manufacturer, Vikram Solar, ranked at 86 in 2014, is ahead of the much hyped Canadian Solar (Rank #161)
  • Among imported modules, Jinko Solar’s 72 cell module has performed the best at Rank #14 in 2013 and risen to Rank #12 in 2014.

What has been your experience with the solar panels listed above?