Now that the summers are here, we will see monkey families come out of their hiding. So much so, that humans have to go into hiding anticipating Monkeys’ rowdy behaviour. In this age of urbanisation, monkeys have little forest space to go and live peacefully leading them to be almost a part of our society. But, not so much a peaceful part. Everyone is scared of monkeys entering their houses and eating food, tearing or wearing our clothes to avoid which we must keep our doors and windows locked.

But, what happens to our dear ‘Solar Panels’ that rest in peace outside our homes? They are open to all kinds of disasters such as jumping MONKEYS. This has been a common concern for those who reside in the North of India and are planning to go solar. A common question that crops up is- “Yeh Bandaron se Solar Panels ko kaise bachayen?” You can now calm your nerves since we have all the answers mapped out for you.

  • Reflex Action: Monkeys have a reflex action of keeping their hands away from very hot objects. So, as a reflex, even if they touch Solar Panels in mid-day, they will automatically draw away from it by sensing its temperature.
  • Panel Tilt: The panels are tilted and many times continuous, so they definitely can’t sit on the panels without slipping away. Even if they manage to sit for a few seconds, they cannot manage jumping on it since they will hurt themselves.
  • Pressure Limit: Vertical Pressure limit of Solar Panels is 5400 Pascals which converts to 112 pounds/ sq. feet. A monkey (Rhesus macaque) weighs between 15- 20 pounds (maximum). So, the pressure can definitely be borne by the Panels.

Pradyumna from Navitas Solar (Solar Panel Manufacturer) tells us- “Generally weight does not damage panels but sharp object with force can damage glass of panels. However, we have not received any complaints about menace caused by monkeys”

  • Insurance: Lastly, if you wish to be very safe with your Solar Panels i.e, scared that someone may deliberately damage them, then you may purchase external Insurance. A few Solar Panels manufacturers offer them as well.

We hope now you feel a bit more confident about the strength of Solar Panels and less threatened by monkeys. If this has been the roadblock so far, you can click here to send a request for installing solar. Click here to get more questions answered on our blog.