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The Sunkalp Partner App is a revolutionary Tech Tool aimed at organizing the Solar Industry by facilitating an exchange between Manufacturers and System Integrators. In addition, it aims to make communication to and education of customers fast and simple. The App addresses the bigger cause of market standardization important for a niche industry to grow. The Platform currently offers two main features- ‘Quote Generation’ and ‘Easy Procurement’


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Sunkalp EPC App


Send Professional Customized Quotes, Instantly

Sunkalp understands the time and effort spent in creating a Proposal every single time a customer wants an estimation of the system size. The Sunkalp EPC App has a unique mix of static information and customized for each client depending on the client type. And customize the quotes with your own logo.

New App Feature: Add the projects you have executed already in your quotation. Click here to add.

Quality Components at Wholesale Prices

Sunkalp Partner App allows EPC companies and System Integrators to procure a solar power components to procure at WHOLESALE prices. It is a Win-Win tool for both manufacturers and Integrators. If you’ve been looking for a reliable place to procure components, look no more.


What are you waiting for?

The 100 GW won’t achieve itself. Download now.

Sunkalp App on Google Play

In App Assistance

We also understand, every client is unique and has a new set of doubts you may not have cleared to your previous clients. For that we have a ‘Solar Help’ section which contains a robust database of questions and answers.

Pricing Plans

 Pricing valid from October 2016, Service Tax extra as applicable

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