Two Point Four Four- Bhadla Solar Park Results

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We look on in disbelief as the results of aggressive bidding for the Bhadla Solar Park were announced today. ACME and SoftBank Energy won the tender to supply electricity at Rs. 2.44/ kWh and Rs. 2.45/ kWh respectively. The results came after open bidding that spanned two days and thirteen participants that included Hero Solar and Renew Solar Power.

Solar tariffs are in a state of free fall, these results come on the back of the widely celebrated results of Rs. 3.3/ kWh for REWA Solar Park in Madhya Pradesh, barely 4 months ago.

At Rs. 2.44 per unit, electricity from the Bhadla Solar Park will be 25% cheaper than that from coal power plants.

Only one question remains to be answered: Is this sustainable or a bubble waiting to burst?

2 thoughts on “Two Point Four Four- Bhadla Solar Park Results

  1. What is sacrificed to achieve such low pricing ? Poor quality of materials , short cuts in installation methods, unskilled labour? The lowest price is rarely the best, the government of India is making a crucial mistake of selecting tenders based on the lowest price. In what circumstance is the lowest price the best ? A home , a car , food , clothing, roads, nuclear power plants , bridges …ohh thats right it is a ridiculous concept ??? Apparently in solar it will be successful , just not in any other category I can imagine. How much money needs to be wasted until authorities realise failing infrastructure in India isn’t the fault of the tough environment (these tough conditions exist in many other countries over the world) but sub standard quality contractors and opting for the cheapest price.

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